Monday, May 19, 2008

Brooke Hogan is Mentally ill

Friends of the Hogan family are reportedly growing concerned for 20-year-old Brooke Hogan since her 17-year-old brother, Nick, was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading no contest to charges of reckless driving 10-days-ago.
They should be really worried after her non-sense rambling in her MySpace. I’ll keep saying that site is dangerous for stupid dumb celebrities cause it’s so easy to write whatever and just click post!!A source says: “She’s suffering the worst of all; she just can’t keep it together and has been hit the hardest,” adding that Brooke is “extremely sensitive” and her emotions are spiraling out of control. Brooke’s relationship with her father was severely strained after his reported infidelity with her former friend made news in February.
While our source said that Nick’s arrest has “brought them a little closer to reconciliation,” it’s not the case for Hulk and his wife, Linda. The estranged couple appeared together at Nick’s hearing on May 9, where Linda even flashed her wedding ring, apparently for the first time since news of the reported affair broke.
“Basically they were trying to put their best foot forward and fake a public image of unity and support for their son,” our insider said. “He [Hulk] is a very astute businessman and very good at playing the media — he even admitted in court that their reality show was scripted and not so real after all.”
Shocking!! It was scripted we already knew that!! I’m really tired about all this stupid “reality” shows!!

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