Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Official Photos of Jenna Bush’s Wedding

It was a big day for Jenna Bush, President George Bush’s daughter. Jenna always said from the beginning she didn’t want a White House wedding. The wedding was celebrated where Jenna felt most comfortable, the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas (May 10, 2008). “I wanted to be at home, and I wanted it to feel natural and I wanted it to be a private thing. It’s the one day of my life — it happens once — that I want to have a private time with Henry and my family. Plus, I’m not that glamorous. I’m more an outdoor type.”
The sunset ceremony, Jenna said “will be lovely and private and simple, and, we hope, the wildflowers will be blooming.”
Her gown, which she has described to Vogue magazine as simple and casual, is an Oscar de la Renta creation of embroidered organza with matte beading and a small train. Barbara Bush was her sister’s maid of honor. Jenna’s 14 attendants wore short chiffon dresses by Lela Rose, a Texas designer, in green, blue, yellow and lavender.

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