Friday, May 2, 2008

Jessica Simpson Opens Up: ‘Back in My Old Boots’

Jessica Simpson opens up to Glamour magazine and talks about her love Tony Romo, how he makes her feel good and inspired her to write a song ‘Back in My Old Boots’. Oh no romantic!! It’s LOOVE!!On reading the tabloids: "I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want to see Tony and me in the pictures. It is good airplane reading if you throw it away when you get off; I'm good at that. I am not the type of person who believes everything she reads, but I like to look at photos and see what people are wearing. That's interesting to me."

On the first time she saw Tony: "The cute story is that my family and I were watching a Cowboys game. I was going through my divorce and--Tony would die if I told you this--but [on television there was a story] about him. They said his celebrity dream crush was Jessica Simpson."

On how Tony makes her feel: "He's a motivational speaker. Because he's a quarterback, a leader. He keeps his team focused. What he's done for me is irreplaceable. I wrote a song for him called "Back in My Old Boots." I feel like I'm walking back in my old boots. Jessica Simpson didn't lose herself along the way. He reintroduced me to myself. I thought that I had to be deeper, more profound and more artsy. You change with the guys you date. [I thought] I had to be more intellectual. Come on--just be yourself! Tony taught me that because he loves me [as me]. He made me feel comfortable [being myself] again."


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