Saturday, May 24, 2008

WTF!! John Mayer Loves His Tattoos (Photos)

Just like any musician John Mayer is a little too obsessed with his tattoos. Of course that doesn’t mean it has to be tasteful, just filled with stories and meanings that seem senseless to us. The most recent tattoo is a “sleeve”, which is absolutely horrible!!
Will John make a Jennifer Aniston inspired tattoo on his body?? :)John Mayer’s tattoos include: full sleeve elaborate design (aka Prison Break tattoo); a Japanese-inspired tattoos (left bicep); unknown/possible Japanese artwork (left inner upper arm, apparently done while in Dallas during the Continuum tour-June 2007); "Home Life", it's half of the "message" in each arm, representing how he feels about being on the road (left and right triceps, in the back); and 77 his birth year (left side of chest).


2 confessions:

Taylor Blue said...

He'll for sure write you over this one.. LOL... :)

Anonymous said...

i think you should stop talking about john mayer the way that you do. it's really disrespectful and i'm sure you've never actually sat down and talked with the guy so maybe you should think about following one of the golden rules: if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.