Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cameron Diaz: Older & Wiser (Shape Magazine)

Super hot actress Cameron Diaz shares some secrets to keep her body in shape, to feel good with herself and getting old in the new issue of UK Shape Magazine.On being in her 30s – “Everything gets easier when you get older. You have a lot more experience and enough restraint to rethink that impulse to behave a certain way, because you know where it’s going to end. You have a strategy of how to get to a happier place.”

On being wiser in relationships – “I think I finally know the way love works best. Basically, the most important thing it to really know yourself.”

On being single – “I love being alone – I love it! I’m good at it. But not in a weird way, not like leave me alone – it’s just I’m very comfortable by myself.”

Her secret to looking so good for her age – “I hike, snowboard and surf. I admit I do hire a personal trainer as well, but for me working out is a big part of keeping mind and body together.”

On her diet – “I eat healthily but love my burgers, and if you put a bowel of French fries near me, then it’s over. Normally, though, I’ll have a half-order of something and save the leftovers. I’m queen of leftovers.”

Will she still be making movies in 10 years time? – “Whatever I’m doing, I just hope that I’m happy. It might be milking a cow that makes me happy!”

Source: Taylor’s Entertainment News

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