Friday, July 4, 2008

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Lesbian Birthday Celebration!!

There is not denying it! Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson cannot hide it anymore and I’m not really sure they want to since they have been all over each other lately (photos here>>).
Recently Lohan admitted on Ryan Seacrest’s KIISS-FM show there is a person she cares about and who is going take a big part in her future. I say SAMANTHA!! Ok! They make a cute lesbian couple…

Lindsay’s mother Dina, along with brother Michael, showed up for the prom-themed party. Her table was littered with cupcakes and a tiara, and the room was decorated with red, silver, baby blue and light pink balloons. At midnight, guests sang Happy Birthday to Lindsay, who a short pink dress. Samantha later took over DJ duties for an hour while guests danced. (source)

As for Lindsay’s birthday wish, she said “No More Tabloids!” As if that would happen… not in a million years!
Happy 22nd birthday Lindsay!!

Photos: CelebWarship

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Missy said...

Um, why is this important? In a world with genocide, unfair treatment of women and minorities, why would anyone give a crap about a stuck up rich girl, even a maladjusted one with a million dollars and no sense.
Save your time and concern for something important!
Grow up.