Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily Cuteness: Piper Palin Baby Licking Brother Trig’s Head

While mommy and possible future VP of the USA, Sarah Palin, was talking nonstop about political stuff that we just don’t care about (yep we are superficial like that, we wanted to know where Paris Hilton was at the time), youngest daughter, super cute Piper Palin, owned the Republican National Conversion Speech.

Piper is such a cutie; we almost died when we saw this scene!!! Piper licks her hand and attempts to fix her little brother, Trig’s hair… yep, Trig was born with Down's Syndrome – get over it! He is just a cute baby like every other baby!!

P.S. – If you really care but it’s all so boring, just get the reader’s digest version of how hypocritical politics can get by Jon Steward - Video!
P.S. 2 – If I or any other woman wear hoop earrings, we're not instant trailer trash!! Stop stereotyping people! Women power!! Let's burn some bras!! ;)

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