Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gossip Girl Season 2: 10 Tips To Become a Gossip Girl

Everyone is talking about Gossip Girl! Probably all the sexual heavy environment between high class students in New York is what keeps people interested and they are doing everything to make it even spicier with the controversial ads for the second season.So if you are a Gossip Girl addict, here are 10 tips on how to get prepared for the brand new season, which just premiered tonight, and become a Gossip Girl.

1. Pout your lips (unintentially, of course) whenever you speak.

2. Tell your cab driver/subway conductor/carpool parent where to pick you up and when. And make sure they know to provide a slew of hot girls, champagne, and scarves of various color schemes upon your arrival.

3. Casually climb through your neighbor's window. Once inside, head towards the fridge and drink milk from the carton. Browse through the morning paper and when your neighbor finally wakes up, comment on his laziness. Ignore any puzzled looks; after all, you've been friends for years!

4. Dress your dad in head to toe hipster gear (think skinny jeans, thick framed glasses, stubble, Guitar, Converse, anything American Apparel) and then make fun of him for looking like a hipster.

5. Sleep with your boyfriend's best friend. And then sleep with your best friend's boyfriend. Just do it.

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6. When an explanation is needed, simply say, "I'm [insert name here]." That should be enough reason to get your way on anything.

7. Go to a midnight showing at the Angelika and feel really, really cool about it.

8. Hit on everyone and everything. And if that doesn't land you the girl of your dreams, put all of your money towards your own private club opening. Who doesn't want the guy casually sipping on Grey Goose?

9. Wear a headband. Or two. Or three.

10. Read this blog and gossip about it. (From your blackberry, obviously.)

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Crystal said...

I love these, they are great!