Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ashlee Simpson Wasted & New Tattoo: What the hell was she thinking!??

Ashlee keeps on promoting her latest album even if no one wants to hear it. Cause Ashlee wants to torture us!!
Ashlee was at Hot 99.5’s Kane in the Morning for an interview when she revealed her new flower tattoo. She was giggling the whole time and slightly slurring her words.About the tattoo Ashlee exclaimed “It’s a peony,” pronouncing the word “pee-OH-knee” then giggling when the radio host corrected her.
Just another ugly tattoo… I guess it matches her boyfriend Pete!!
Ashlee slurring her words slightly said of her changing hair color, “I’m pretty impulsive and if I want to change my mind, I do…but the red, I’m pretty happy with the red.”
Later her rep denied she was intoxicated this morning saying: "She has been working extremely hard traveling across the country to promote her upcoming new album by performing at night and waking up very early the next day to do radio interviews in the morning – like any of us would be – she was simply just tired.”

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