Monday, May 14, 2007

POTC Countdown

10 days to go...
I know I'm just using this countdown as a sorry excuse to satisfy my Johnny obsession and bring Depp back to my blog, but I promise after I see the movie I'll least I'll try not to be so obvious!!

5 confessions:

SJ said...

Hey we all have our obsessions if it's Sparrow you like so be it :)

And regarding your comment over at "Aren't we being funny" these days guys can refer to both girls and dudes. And in case of slang like wiseguys I am sure it means guys, girls, trannies, dogs , cats whatever.

Rajeev said...

ur crazier that i thot!! :P

peace & love

mayenskie said...

I love Johnny too.. can't wait to watch Pirates 3 in cinema
by the way You've been tagged! hope you participate on this too like you did in Blogcatalog Mass Buzz

see yah =)

confessing7girl said...

@sj: well i admit it could be worst!!!!!! :P

@Rajeev: why do u think im crazy?? :D:D just cause i like johnny??

@mayenskie: thanx for remembering me!!

sweetheart said...

thanks! i think i should switch from flach to classic shoutbox..
p.s-hey! thats my style of writing p.s...actually was inspired from Dan Browns Da Vinci Code
p.s-Princess Sophie
P.S-praire if sion
.........more like these
p.s-pretty sweet(you n me! he he!)
p.s-pissing pj sour comments!
p.s-please sound more enthusiastic to blog and keep dropping in your comments!