Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy for Blender

It seems to me that everyone is doing some sexy photo shoots to promote something and Nicole Scherzinger is not exception! Nicole is the new cover girl for November's issue of Blender Magazine!

So, you’re not entirely unfamiliar with leather? Again, screams: “Aaaaah! Actually, leather scares me.”

So you prefer handcuffs? “Hey! I didn’t have handcuffs in the video.”
No. You were in a box. “Actually, I’m pretty simple when it comes to that stuff. I don’t get too rowdy. I’m more of a mental chick,” she says, twisting her long black hair into a single ropey mass. (complete interview @Blender)

Good questions for a Pussycat Doll, but they don't appear to be mental at all!!!

3 confessions:

LeRoy Dissing said...

She is obviously hot! I always wonder what they do to keep that shape. They must eat next to nothing or workout all day long! I just wonder how healthy these super models are sometimes.

Leather doesn't do anything for me either BTW.

amandotefx said...

qualquer dia vou promover-me a mim própria e tirar fotos lol!!!

confessing7girl said...

@leroy: i think that body is easy to keep if u hv the right genes!! :D i like leather!!! i just dont wear it that much!!

@amandotefx: ola e welcome!! bigada pela visita e pk não tirar umas fotos... é bom para o ego!