Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keira Knightley on Denial Quote of the Day

No, Keira is not a lesbian; she is just a good friend of Sienna Miller! You dirty minds!
"We don't have a lesbian love affair. I know that it's been widely reported we do. I have no idea how that happened but no I do not have a lesbian relationship with Sienna Miller." – now that Keira told us how that is, we will believe it!! :)
No seriously… what do you think? And why did Keira bothered to deny those ‘silly’ rumors??

2 confessions:

T.C. said...

Well...I guess that's better than the infamous 'no comment' comment that gets tabloid reporters' hearts - and pens- racing.

confessing7girl said...

yeah better but out of place... not really appropriate ... she should have kept her mouth shut!