Saturday, December 1, 2007

Britney Spears is not Pregnant but She is a Comedian

InTouch Magazine is going to get sued by Britney Spears for their cover story reporting she was 4 weeks pregnant. When asked by a photographer about it, Britney made fun of the situation saying "Me and Kevin are back together and having twins!" – yeah she was joking!! Britney can be funny too!!! :)
Britney was shopping at Target on November 28 and she seemed quite happy and visibly skinnier (nope, doesn’t seem pregnant to me!).

Meanwhile Brit has been shooting the new video for the 2nd single out of ‘Blackout’ album, ‘Piece of Me’. Everyone wants a piece of Britney and the video features Britney’s lookalikes trying to fool the paparazzi… cause being Brit isn’t easy, that’s for sure!


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