Sunday, December 9, 2007

Celebrities Got Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Back

After the so much talked about photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her bikini at Hawaii vacation, celebrities are speaking up and defending the Ghost Whisperer star.

Hayden Panettiere: “Did you see TMZ the other day where I bent over and they took a picture of me, and there was a whole conversation on whether I had cottage cheese thighs or not? It makes me feel awful. I’m sorry, but no woman looks good under overhead lighting. It was not good lighting. I’m a teenage girl and I have the same body issues. There are parts of my body that I don’t mind, and there are parts of my body that I absolutely can’t stand. And I don’t need somebody pointing them out to me, because trust me, I know they’re there. You don’t need to tell anyone else about it. It doesn’t need to be strewn across a magazine. It’s my business. And the fact that you don’t have anything better to talk about than my thigh fat is absolutely absurd. It just goes to show you the pathetic people in this world. I give Jennifer Love Hewitt all the support in the world. She’s beautiful.”

Anne Hathaway: “[As an actress], most of the year, your body is your own. But to be ridiculed for it is upsetting. But to also have to defend it or explain it or rejoice in it or put it down, or to be expected to have a public opinion about it … I don’t understand when that happened. I don’t think women should only be defined by their bodies and their weight. It’s a cycle we’ve been in for some time, and I don’t really like it.”

Rosario Dawson: “They’ll make a whole story about it if someone gains 5 lbs. … It think there is a huge obsession with size-zero jeans, and it’s just really scary. I don’t really know where that comes from. We’re not really in the Twiggy era anymore. It makes me really nervous, because I don’t know how in the world we’re supposed to be that thin unless we’re totally starving and drugging up.”

A poll on People magazine says that by 93% think that Jennifer was unfairly criticized. I can only agree with that… as I said celebrities are real persons and nobody is perfect.
Jennifer tells People “I’m starting to feel sexy when I don’t have makeup on and I'm in my pajamas. That’s when I'm most me.” Well if you are feeling good with yourself that’s what really matters.

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curryegg said...

How are you there confessing7 girl? It has been really a long time I never heard from you. Hope that you're doing great here (And I know you're.. )

About jennifer, I love her and she is hot wearing the bikini.. ;)

confessing7girl said...

hi girl who r u!!!
me great i hv been just a little busy but i promise ill try to be more active...
hows UNiversity?
and ah ah ;)

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! I come from a background of Brazilian heritage where most women are 'pear-shaped' in that (like Jennifer Lopez) they've got more curves downstairs than up -- and yet their bodies are admired. I don't understand why people (especially the American public) can't admire beauty in anything but a size 0!