Monday, December 10, 2007

Hugh Laurie & Son Bonding Time

Now this is rare! Hugh is a very private person and it’s not like him to get out much, specially cause his family still leaves in London while he is shooting House in LA. When son visits daddy Hugh in LA, they get to spend some quality time together.
Hugh’s son is named Charles and he is 19 years old, he is cute but barely legal so no comments… ahh I still think the father is much sexier ;). Charles must be on this freaky rebel stage since he is wearing different color shoes (one blue, one red)… or maybe he just wants it to match his Union Jack cap!!


4 confessions:

T.C. said...

His son looks like a combo of him and his wife Jo, though more like Jo. She's pretty cute, but I agree with you - Hugh gets my blood pumping. :D

Anonymous said...

Charles looks so much like his mother. Definitely takes after her, height wise (he's not even 6' tall) too.

Anonymous said...

His son looks like your typical english guy but there is something different about Hugh, maybe its the scottish decent. But I agree too HUGH IS STILL MY MAN!!:- P

Anonymous said...

lol!!! his son.. my goodness! damn it hugh s mum was right! his son, first, if he d been on one of house s episodes he d been diagnosed some mental disease, he s shoes dont even match for heaven sake, can t he or his dad, or anyone of his family members or ppl close to him notice that, and second, he makes hugh look ridiculous, he s so stylish and britishly trendy, he s son is a DISASTER! a complete mess, and ewh I can see why dad s so thin, that cow eats everything, what a fat pig anyway.. good thing is, he looks quiet american lol he really does