Sunday, December 2, 2007

It’s Britney’s Birthday, B*tches!!!

Today December 2nd Britney Spears celebrates her 26th birthday! Happy Birthday Girl let this be a turning point in your life and career!!
Britney looked good in a mini black dress and white fluffy coat (good in Brit standards!) and someone was smart enough to gift her some blue panties that always look good when you are trying to get on or off a car!
The party was held at The Scandinavian Style Mansion and counted with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone. Britney’s cake looked yummy… isn’t it a little too small for all those people?? :)
Big Brit friend Sam Lutfi gave her a beautiful ring you can see in the pictures!!


2 confessions:

Mariuca said...

Happy birthday to Britney! It's good to see her smiling again. :):):)

T.C. said...

She looks adorable in that dress!