Monday, December 3, 2007

Spice Girls Tour First Photos + Spoilers

The Spice Girls kicked off their tour yesterday in Vancouver and they completely rocked the stage.

The girls opened with Spice Up Your Life and danced on raised platforms before walking just inches from the ecstatic fans down the stage catwalk.
The performance was accompanied by sophisticated set changes including revolving platforms, trap doors and video sequences. DM
As for the lip-synching rumors spokesman said "All of the girls sang live. There is a click track for the band to keep them in time, which is standard, but all of the girls' vocals were live."
Spice Girls gave an energetic performance, sang 21 songs and got everybody singing along to their hits. Even Avril Lavigne was there!!!

The Reunion Tour line-up according to
Act 1 - The Power Of 5
Spice Up Your Life
Say You'll Be There
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

Act 2 - Seduce Me
Lady Is A Vamp
Too Much
2 Become 1

Act 3
Who Do You Think You Are (ft Victoria)
Are You Gonna Go My Way (ft Mel B)
Maybe (ft Emma)
Viva Forever
It's Raining Men (ft Geri)
I Turn To You (ft Melanie C)

Act 4
Let Love Lead The Way
Celebration Medley

If You Can't Dance
Spice Up Your Life (Reprise)

David Beckham was there to support the girls in their first show and he bought each one a gold bracelet for good luck!

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