Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hayden Panettiere Sells Her Clothes to Help Whales!!

Hero Hayden wants you to do charity and still look totally in fashion. You can buy items for Hayden’s own personal closet that is being sold at for "Save The Whales Again!" Campaign.
I think this site still looks a little UNofficial and I’m actually wondering if this is real or not… here’s their description:

Can you look good and help a worthwhile cause at the same time? Yes, you can! Here at, we couple Hayden's sense of fashion with a fundraising plan to bring you designer items straight from the home of the Heroes star. Many have hailed Hayden Panettiere for her impeccable taste in fashion. Now you can wear what the celebrities wear at a fraction of the cost--WHILE supporting a worthy cause! Looking good never felt so good!
Everyone still remembers Hayden’s trip to Japan which made her one of the most unwanted people there, with an arrested warrant issued for her (see video below).
Some of the items presented on Panettiere’s Closet are very Hayden-ish style and cute…

If someone has more informations and proofs about the legitimacy of this material please share.
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Anonymous said...

The banner is on her official MySpace page.