Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jennifer Lopez wants a silent birth!!

Everyone is going crazy these days, if you are giving birth I guess the last thing you wanna be is quiet… that’s not the case for our pregnant Jennifer Lopez, who wants to give birth naturally and drugs free.Yeah right I give her one hour of contractions to start demanding for drugs and she is rumored to be having twins. As good as we know fierce Jennifer will be yelling and screaming and cursing her ugly skeletor husband to hell when giving birth. I can see that scene clearly, a silent birth is so not Jennifer’s style but she got that idea from crazy scientologists Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Who else?
“J-Lo, 38, got the idea from pal Katie Holmes, who kept quiet for the birth of Tom Cruise’s baby, Suri. A friend said: “Although she knows it will be hard not to scream, she understands why it will be good for the baby to have peace and quiet.”
I really don’t get this idea of peace and quiet for the baby’s comfort, is Jennifer forgetting this baby or babies had to go through mom and daddy’s national tour??? Can’t get anymore scarier than that!!


2 confessions:

Jolly Green Girl said...

wow!!! She looks gorgeous and radiant!!! Good for her but I am not sure about this whole natural or silent birth thing. Modern medicine comes in handy at times like this. I am with you girl.. she's going to be demanding an epidural with her first contractions

Anonymous said...

I am scared for her actually. These people are CRAZY. God forbid something bad happens to her during childbirth.