Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Hottest Gossip on 7Confessions

First I wanna send a big thank you and best wishes for this New Year to all my loyal readers and everyone that visited my blog in 2007. If I had any success with this blog this year I own all to you guys.
Now let’s go to the juicy stuff, the 7 biggest posts this year, the ones that set this blog on fire were:

7th - Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress and RingFinally some pictures of the famous dress... you still can't get a clear picture of the dress but you can sure stare at her wedding ring WOW! And there's pictures of them going on honeymoon with Eva on a personalized Mrs. Parker outfit!

6th - Rihanna's New Tattoo: What the hell was she thinking?Rihanna was seen in the streets of NY walking her cute dog DJ and spotting a new tattoo in her arm!! What the hell is that tattoo suppose to be and to mean??

5th - Oooops Hayden Panettiere’s Upskirt!!It is hard to get out of the car gracefully when you have all those photographers in your face, Hayden tries to hide but fails when arriving at Victoria’s Secret Show Pink Carpet.

4th - Britney Spears Pregnant?!?!Britney Spears was secretly pregnant at the beginning of this year with no idea who was the father and trying to get Kevin Federline back.

3rd - OMG!!! Christina Aguilera Upskirt!When getting out of the car, Christina flashes us her things! Get the uncensored version here (only for 18+ readers).

2nd - Britney Spears Naked in "Gimme More" Uncensored VideoBritney didn't hesitate to take her top off and get in contact with the stripper inside her!!

1st - Jennifer Love Hewitt is happy and has no weight problem!!!Photos of Jennifer in a bikini at her latest vacations have been talked about all over the net, everyone has an opinion… I tell you what, there’s nothing wrong with Jennifer, she is a curvy woman that has no problem with her imperfections… cause no one is perfect!

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