Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jennifer Aniston is Desperate: Frozen Dreams & Pregnancy Rage

This must be a hard time for Jennifer Aniston; her biological clock is ticking and something that she thought she didn’t want is now what she is desperately seeking.
I’m talking about pregnancy. When Jennifer and Brad Pitt were married, it was reported the couple didn’t have a child cause Jennifer wanted to focus on her career.
Their marriage is over, Brad Pitt is happily raising his family that is about to expand and Jennifer can’t get into a stable relationship. Most importantly she can’t find the right man to be the father of her children.“Jennifer is putting on a brave face, but inside she is really upset. She wasn’t prepared for how she’d feel when she saw the pictures of Angelina and her bump. It took her by surprise because it was further proof of just how much Brad has moved on with his life compared to her.”
The source added to Britain’s Star magazine: “Jennifer is desperate for kids. She can feel her biological clock ticking and is scared that she has left it too late. She keeps saying that she wishes she’d had kids with Brad and that, if she had, maybe things would have worked out differently.
Splitting up with Brad was the hardest thing Jennifer ever went through, so hopefully she’ll get over this latest hurdle. She’s made of strong stuff.”

Recently Jennifer Aniston has been linked to model Paul Sculfor, Kevin Connolly, Jason Lewis and her ‘Traveling’ co-star Aaron Eckhart. The truth is that Jennifer hasn’t found her soul mate yet and so she is spending a lot of time alone or eventually on a vacation with her friends, the Arquettes.
(Jason Lewis & Jennifer Aniston not together anymore - Jason attended Oscars after party with some busty bimbo)

Which leads us to Jennifer’s last resource to guarantee she can have the desperately wanted children, which is put her eggs on ice until Mr. Right comes along.
“It was a really smart move, because it buys (Jen) a few years to figure it all out,” an insider told Star magazine. “The pressure has lifted.”
“Her friend Sheryl Crow turned her on to the idea of adopting, but in her heart Jen would like to have her own child. She just needs the right man — someone she can trust.”
Sometimes to find what we most wish for we just need to relax, take a step back. I think that’s exactly what Jennifer is doing… freezing her eggs or not, it’s her own business.
Best of luck for Jennifer!! We love you girl!! :D

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