Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Are Head Over Heels For Now

The new hottest couple in Hollywood is… not Paris and Benji for sure. How did they get together?? Is this for real?? Or is it some kind of publicity stunt for some reason strange reason that we just don’t get yet?
The pair - who were first spotted together in Los Angeles last week - looked loved-up as they held hands while shopping in West Hollywood earlier this week.
Paris - who is reportedly set to star in new reality TV show later this year - has even been seen wearing a silver band from top jewelers Tiffany and Co. on her ring finger, sparking engagement rumors.
“We hear she has been wearing a Tiffany band from Benji on her ring finger!” reports Page Six.
A source close to Benji said: “He is really happy with Paris and has already been telling all his friends she is the one. He says he can really see himself ending up with her for good.”
Isn’t it a little too soon to be calling Paris the one??
I bet Nicole Richie is super happy to have her BFF/enemy Paris Hilton as her sister-in-law. :)

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