Sunday, February 17, 2008 Shameful Anti-Evolutionist Link

I came across this site a few months ago and I was pretty excited about using it and finding my own personality to be INTP, telling it to all of my friends.
As a woman, I feel proud to be part of that 1% of females with such characteristics and compared with people like Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.
You can see my post about here.

Imagine my shock today when I got a warning note about the link associated with Charles Darwin in my inbox!!
(click screenshot to see where Darwin's Link takes you)

All the Famous INTPs have an outgoing link to Wikipedia so you can have some information about the people that supposedly have a similar personality to yours. (check it out for yourself)
But for Charles Darwin you get a link to a bogus site that besides giving no real information at all about Charles Darwin facts is completely anti-evolutionist.
Hey someone at MyPersonality can explain to me what the evolution theory has to do with a personality test?!? More if it was so easy to explain that the Evolution theory is completely wrong wouldn’t those bogus site owners be famous now. Yeah they could write a scientific paper and be featured in Nature!!
(click to see bogus site the link takes you)

For those who want to know something about Charles Darwin go to Wikipedia and remember that Evolution of the Species is a just a book and Evolution is just a theory trying to make sense and explain biodiversity.
Read my lips, Evolution is a theory, it’s not the Anti-Christ!!!
As for, I completely lost my faith in that project and I no longer recommend it. Who knows what other types of brainwashing we can find hidden in those links!! :)

Note: I hope that link is changed to a more INFORMATIVE link… If anyone finds more strange links on please contact me.

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Taylor Blue said...

I never noticed that on mine...OMG!

LayDdee said...

Ummm, you have told all your friends about it? LOL - I know now where i stand. hehehe By the way, did you se e that I gave you props concerning my header? take a look - on my sidebar.