Monday, March 24, 2008

Blake Lively Confesses: "I'm Having Brad Pitt's Baby!"

Of course having your personal life 'attacked' with the same questions everyday can be boring so Gossip Girl’s stars, Blake Lively and Chace Crawford spiced it up!!
When asked who they were dating in their off-screen lives, the pair of kidders had some fun with reporters at a press conference over the weekend. "I'm having Brad Pitt's baby," joked 20-year-old Blake.
Meanwhile, co-star Chace, who has been seeing singer Carrie Underwood since the fall, risked starting a whole different kind of rumor when he answered, "I'm dating a gay, Jewish monkey."
OMG I have to say I love it!! They sure have a different sense of humor and at least Blake is a smart girl better than Brad Pitt only Johnny Depp of course!! ;)


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