Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Loves her Maltepoo

The Maltepoo is like another fashion trend amongst young celebrities and Blake Lively doesn’t want to be left behind. So she is the new proud owner of her own special Maltepoo, name still unknown… (if someone has any info about the dog’s name just drop me a comment)
Look at that cute little thing!! I want one of those dogs too!! They are soo cute!! I have a beautiful toy poodle that is just as cute as that!! Ok she is even cuter cause she’s mine!!! :)
Other fabulous celebrity Maltepoos include Daisy (Jessica Simpson), Shadow (Vanessa Hudgens) and DJ (Rihanna).

Update: One of our readers says the dog's name is Penny... Thank you!

4 confessions:

Anonymous said...

The dog's name is Penny :)

laura said...

yea, its Penny, and also, she's actually had Penny since 2005. :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what breeder Penny came from??

Anonymous said...

yes, she came from texas teacup