Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eddie Murphy Admits He is an Idiot

Yeah Eddie Murphy is soo stupid that besides not wanting to give his name to his daughter Angel and taking things to court, now he comes to says he was tricked by Mel B.
Eddie Murphy has revealed the real reason he doesn't want to have anything to do with his 11-month-old daughter Angel because he believes she trapped him into having a baby.
I would sue is a$ for saying something like that. This just how low Eddie can be… a REAL MAN even if he was tricked, he would have the decency to know a poor baby can’t pay for her mom’s possible mistakes!
A source said: "He [Eddie] says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother.
The Nutty Professor star claimed 32-year-old Mel insisted she was on birth control, and revealed they only had sex three times.
"What was supposed to be a casual relationship ended with her having his baby and taking him to court for millions." – Conclusion: Eddie is an Idiot!


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