Friday, April 18, 2008

Alicia Keys & Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers Wedding Plans

We didn't even know Alicia Keys had a boyfriend--much less a fiancé--but apparently this is a long relationship and she's ready to get hitched soon.
Alicia is planning on marrying her music producer beau Kerry 'Krucial' Brothers in NYC this summer. Apparently they've been songwriting partners for years, co-owning the KrucialKeys production company and New York's Oven Recording Studios.
The couple is planning on tying the knot at the Oheka Castle on Long Island on July 4, 2008. Congratulations to the happy couple!!
BTW!! Did you know Alicia waited a year to have sex with her boyfriend Kerry?? Back in 2006, Alicia said, "I made him wait a year because my body is too beautiful to be violated by someone who doesn't deserve it."


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