Friday, April 18, 2008

Tom Cruise Denies Split Rumors & Katie is Going to Broadway

The couple put on a show of unity yesterday after claims circulated that Holmes was on the verge of leaving her 'controlling' husband Tom.
A source claimed Holmes wanted a trial separation 'to break away from her controlled life under the watchful eyes of her husband', adding: 'Tom wants to call all the shots when it comes to Suri. He has a lot of rules, and there's conflict.'
One insider tells In Touch, "Of course Katie still loves him (Tom), but she does often feel like the little wife that has to sit there quietly and smile serenely at everything he says."
But her representative insists all talk of a broken marriage and an unhappy Holmes is ridiculous. A spokeswoman says, "She and her husband enjoy a close and loving relationship." Cruise rep says “'They are happily together. This is completely false and irresponsible reporting.”
According to the In Touch article, Holmes plans to move to Manhattan with her daughter to pursue her Broadway acting ambitions. "She'd love to go to Broadway to show the world she can act."

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