Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ashton Kutcher Pees Outside With the Dogs

Ashton Kutcher is so funny… I hope he is joking!! If he is not then he has some serious confidence issues or he has an extremely developed animal instinct. So strong, that Ashton has to mark his territory with pee…
The 30-year-old actor — who’s married to Demi Moore; and is currently starring with Cameron Diaz in the romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas — said, “I pee with the dogs. They’re marking their territory and I’m marking mine.
“Demi’s not happy about it but I’ve 13 women in my house sometimes — my wife, housekeepers, cook, nanny, my assistant and three daughters.
“Everyone in my life is a woman — so I have to mark my territory.”
Yeah, Demi Moore probably makes all the decisions, she brings home the good bacon so Ashton is a little intimidated with that! Go Girl!!!


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