Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miley Cyrus in Playboy Centerfold (2010)

In light of Anne Leibovitz Vanity Fair photo shoot controversy, Hugh Hefner is ready to give Miley Cyrus the Playboy’s Centerfold feature but only when she is legal. Miley’s birthday is on November 23, 1992 so that means by the end of the year 2010 or beginning of 2011 we will know her as Miley Cyrus, The Playmate!Hefner told "Extra" that he would be open to featuring the Disney star in his own magazine, given she was of legal age. He said, "Sure, she'd be welcomed in the magazine. Very pretty lady. And I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality."


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