Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kevin Federline Still Loves Britney Spears & Dirty Secret

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline might be fighting for the custody of their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James but as we reported before they are starting to get along
Speaking after the Toxic singer won extended visitation rights to see the former couple’s two sons during a court hearing, K-Fed’s spokesperson said: “Kevin loves Britney and he loves his children. I believe he would love to see a situation where the children have the benefit of a mommy and a daddy raising them. I’ve seen him (Kevin) with his children. The love is genuine.”
Kevin and Brit are getting so friendly with each other, they are starting to enjoy the pleasure of phone sex!! Who would have thought it was possible!!
“They have phone sex pretty often-at least once a week…The one thing those two have in common is their need for sex,” a source dishes to Star.
“She often contact Kevin on Monday nights, usually because she’s recovering from a lonely weekend and feeling insecure...He knows just how to get the sultry talk started. Kevin is long-winded and can go on forever!”
Despite persistent rumours of a possible reconciliation between the pair, phone sex is where Britney is drawing the line - for now.
The insider adds, “Britney won’t have actual sex with Kevin because she’s so afraid of opening that door. To have physical intimacy would be a lot for her to handle right now.”
Britney is on the right road to recovery, so Kevin don’t ruin that!! Don't forget to set your Tivo for Britney's return to 'How I Met Your Mother" on Monday, May 12.

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