Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow Hates Brad Pitt!!

As sour and bitter as Gwyneth is, she probably hates her own husband (she doesn’t wanna be seen with him anymore!), so why not hate all her exes!! That makes perfect sense to me…
OK! caught up with Gwyneth at the L.A. premiere for her upcoming film Iron Man on Wednesday, the Oscar-winner didn't even play the usual "I-wish-them-the-best" lip service that celebrity exes are famous for spouting.
Asked if she had any well wishes to share with her one-time better half, the Shakespeare In Love star twisted her mouth and pertly pronounced "No!"
Perhaps Gwyneth was merely in a bad mood or just didn't feel like talking about her former flame. In previous interviews, she's actually blamed herself for the split with Brad, saying she was lucky to have spent some of her life with her Se7en co-star, "especially when I was such a mess."
Yeah girl!! We agree! What a mess! B*tch!!

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Anonymous said...

She's just a jealous narcissist. Evidently, she was the one who cheated on HIM. Incredible.