Monday, January 14, 2008

Jessica Alba Hits on Zac Efron

Pregnant Jessica Alba says what we all wanted to say about Zac Efron but somehow we couldn’t express it as clearly. Thank you Jess!!!!!! You Rock!!!
“Zac looks like a child with a lot of makeup. I was like ‘My God, you’re just a little kid.”- Jessica tells Elle magazine February issue about meeting Zac Efron.Thank You!!! Hear that Zac… you are just a kid, drop the damn makeup, it’s not even funny anymore. Only one guy in the world can wear makeup and still look as hot as hell and that’s Johnny Depp!!
OK, back on track… Jessica Alba makes the Elle cover looking gorgeous and pregnant, not yet showing the bump but there’s a pregnancy glow there!
“I'm reading this dumb book, and it's getting in my head,” Jessica Alba says, as she digs through her giant studded Gerard Darel bag and pulls out a white hardcover buried among the bottles of acidophilus and chlorella supplements that have been rattling around in there for about a month, since she embarked on a new no caffeine or booze, endless glasses of water, truckloads of fruits and vegetables regimen.
“I was so nauseous reading this while I was on the bike today,” she says. What emerges is Skinny Bitch, the pro-vegan diatribe masquerading as a chick-lit diet book that became an instant best-seller when Victoria Beckham was photographed carrying it.
As Alba reads from the chapter concerning slaughterhouses, it's clear why seared loins haven't quite tasted so succulent since her trainer Ramona gave her the book. “Stunned or not,” she reads, “cows and hogs are then 'strung up' from the ceiling by a chain attached to their legs.

In theory, while they dangle there, they are supposed to be unconscious. But often they are fully conscious, struggling, screaming, and fearfully staring at the workers while they have their throats stabbed open.” Alba peers up at me, mouth agape, then buries her nose in the book and describes the work of the wretched souls whose résumés include the words head skinner.
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