Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Britney Spears Pays to Have a Relationship!!

That’s how low Britney got… careful what you say, since every time I say she hit rock bottom, Britney always surprises us going deeper!
Britney’s new lover boy, paparazzi turned gold digger (or vice versa) Adnan Ghalib was hired as Brit’s personal assistant. Yep, Adnan drives and carries Britney’s bag and does everything she wants. So we can say he is Britney’s B*tch!!?!
In addition, Mr Ghalib has been cleaning the singer's house, running general errands and acting as her chief defender and representative in interviews. Work it out B*tch!!
If she is paying that guy, she might as well take full advantage of his services. Does that include public make out?! YES! Definitely yes!!
Come on, even Britney could do better…
What really surprises me is Britney is not that innocent, she has to be aware of him being totally fake and just wanting to get money out of her. How desperate do you have to be for someone’s attention to get to this point?!?!
“Britney is showering Adnan with gifts because she's desperate to hang on to him,” a source says. “She sees him as the one constant in her life right now. She's totally blind to his money making schemes.”


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