Friday, January 4, 2008

Katherine Heigl Shopping & Showing off Wedding Ring

Katherine is one happy newlywed… if you had a wedding ring as big and gorgeous as the one she has on her finger you would be happy too!
On a shopping spree with mom, Katherine Heigl was playing the decorator role, picking out patterns and a good big comfortable couch to watch some movies with the hubby. I wonder if they watch Grey’s Anatomy together… probably not! :)
Later Katherine and Josh got out, grab some dinner… maybe in a romantic restaurant? They are still in honeymoon, right??

2 confessions:

Jolly Green Girl said...

Call me conservative but I think a ring that size is just plain tacky. And I don't know why but she just plain annoys me. lol... I guess it's the pregnancy hormones talking.

BTW I LOVE your new header.. it's so perfect!!!!
and thanks for all the celeb updates. I always come here to get my dose of celeb news although I kind of miss your cool gadget posts.

Hope you had a wonderful new years!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the pics :) Katherine is the best.

I think you will find the large ring is actually her engagement ring. The small band next to it is her wedding ring.

Katherine has said she and Josh do sit down together to watch Grey's in an interview I read. :) They are back from honeymoon - it was only a week!