Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hayden Panettiere is a Sexy Sweet Candie’s Girl (Photos & Video)

Candie’s just made the smartest choice ever, who is sweeter than our favorite cheerleader?? No one, Hayden does a great job for their new advertising campaign.
The launch of this new advertising campaign will be celebrated later today, Feb. 21st, with sounds by DJ Juice (see invitation to the left).
For exclusive an exclusive behind the scenes video go to Candie's video and check out Hayden’s crazy reaction to the puppies that would co-star in the ads.
The puppies are adorable and she goes a little insane there for some seconds, just shows how she really loves animals.
By the way I want a puppy like that too… anyone can say what breed is that?!?


1 confessions:

Rachel said...

they are great pyrenees, they grow to be large dogs, thats why at first i though they looked like polar bears!