Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hugh Laurie Going Bald & Balder

This is the second time I point out Hugh Laurie is losing hair and this is the second time I'm gonna say he is TOO sexy with or without hair.The House star appears on the popular US series with impressive thick tresses, but when he was spotted leaving a studio in London yesterday, he revealed what looked to be an expanding bald patch.
There’s something in the jerk that is Dr. House that attracts women and no, it’s not the abusive personality it’s the confidence and strength of character. That is absolutely sexy… not to mention Hugh Laurie’s sexy British accent. :)
Hugh has been taking a well-earned rest from House after the U.S. writers' strike halted filming. Hugh has said: "I've been at home playing piano in my underpants."
With the strike now over, Hugh is expected to leave London and return to his Hollywood pad to restart shooting House.
And we really miss House!! We love House!!Source

3 confessions:

lisa q. said... or no hair the man is sexy, sexy, sexy! :D

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the Daily Mail that recently ran a story on this? This is such old news. Any fan of his knows it. Hugh himself has talked about it, and the fact it was noticed way back when he was doing Jeeves & Wooster. The thinning could be seen and so they had to reshoot a scene. The funny thing was they were all trying to be tactful and not say straight out why it was they needed to redo the scene. He's never tried to hide it. Any time he's appeared anywhere other than Hollywood, he's "au naturel."

And whoever said it, it's true -- the man is incredibly sexy regardless of what his hair is doing.

Anonymous said...

Well it kind of fits doesn't it? Older, balder, more grey hairs, more wrinkles. What do they expect, the man is nearly 50. It's happening to all of us.

I still fancy the pants off him though!