Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Goes Shopping & Still Pregnant!!

This totally crashes a rumor that Jennifer was currently giving birth for who knows how long… she was out and about shopping, she is huge yes!
Jennifer was shopping on Thursday, January 31st at Scoop in Greenvale, New York accompanied by little sister Linda. When her 30-minute visit was over, the mom-to-be had purchased six new pairs of shoes and was overheard saying she needed more comfortable shoes as her feet were swelling.
Well one thing to notice is that she is wearing flats in that picture; I think I never saw her with such comfortable shoes… not even in her recent baby shower and she was already way too pregnant for high heels!
Judging for how big she is, Jennifer is due to give birth to twins any minute now... she might be in labor right now... who knows... :)


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