Monday, February 18, 2008

Kate Hudson Looks Amazingly… Pregnant!!

I have to say I have been noticing Kate Hudson is gaining some weight in some very specific areas and her face looks rounder. Kate does have a new glow, she looks amazing and happy and… pregnant!!All this started cause Kate is wearing some loose fitting outfits and dresses… and well pregnancy is the new hottest trend in Hollywood, so why not?!

Of course the pregnancy rumors were already denied but Kate continues to wear some comfy baggy clothes, like that black dress she wore just yesterday while shopping at Santa Monica.
Recently Kate declared she was single and happy “I like single life. I mean, my single life is me, Ryder and Chris! It doesn’t change. Chris and I were in Aspen over Christmas. We were like, ‘Should we go to a bar?’
“My main focus is Ryder and staying close to close to Chris. It’s kind of a really nice place to be in. I’m not really interested in a relationship
right now. I’m interested in my son.”
Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson marriage ended in 2006 and since then she was in relationships with Dax Shepherd and Owen Wilson.
So if she is pregnant who is the father?? Rumors recently hook up Kate with Justin Timberlake and back with a rehabilitated Owen Wilson.

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