Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Paris Hilton Talks About The Lesbian Word + Role on The L-Word

Paris says she and Elisha Cuthbert are just friends and affirms she is not a lesbian. Although she is definitely aiming to play a lesbian in The L-Word, so Paris was just practicing y’all, isn’t that obvious!?
One thing we already knew about Paris, she’ll do anything, anyone, boy or girl. That doesn’t matter; Paris Hilton just wants to have a good time!! But I'm starting to see some sort of pattern in between her multiple sexual personalities…
I think she wants to show The L-Word staff she can do brunette or blond lesbian, she is so flexible… she can play attention whore in soo many ways too.
"Once the strike is over, we are going to start talks, but I am definitely shooting it," she told Usmagazine at the L.A. premiere of her comedy, The Hottie and the Nottie.
So will she play gay or even bare all for any scenes? "I don’t know yet,” Paris said.
One thing good about Paris doing L-Word is that it’s gonna have another season… Thank God!! I love The L-Word… I can even predict she will play a Shane love interest… Shane is that kinda girl… she will do anyone (as long as it’s a girl)!
Back in January, Paris and Katherine Moennig, who plays Shane in the series, were getting close and all over each other at the premiere of L-Word season 5 party. Maybe they were just rehearsing too…
Paris also revealed that she is planning to start off as a guest on the show and then maybe move on to a more regular part... yeah so she can totally ruin the show for every true fan of the L-Word!! Please no...

(Photos @ The Hottie & The Nottie Premiere)

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Paris, do you really want a job?!!
Eva & Eva rules!