Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tori Spelling Spills It Out in sTori Telling: Tell all Book (Photos & Video)

Tori Spelling is ready to bring secrets from the set of 'Beverly Hills 90210,' private thoughts on her relationship with her late father and details on how she fell for her husband in a new memoir titled “sTori Telling.”

On her years on Beverly Hills, 90210:
"I had an insta-crush on Brian Austin Green. Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and I became friends ... I cheated on [my first boyfriend] by hooking up with my costar Brian. Brian was the only guy on the show my age. We had something going (or not going) over the years we worked together. We were always fighting, making up, having fun, and hating each other. We were just young."

On the cast of 90210:
"The center of this high school clique was Shannen and Jennie. Shannen had everything, but she could be arrogant and carefree. Jennie was outspoken when she thought Shannen was out of line. Sometimes they got along, but there were explosions. Once, they got into a fistfight ... For the most part, the cast and crew functioned as a close family. And in the course of the ten years the show was on the air, everyone in the cast pretty much slept with everyone else. We all would laugh about it years later."

On meeting future husband Dean McDermott:
"I'd been instantly attracted to men before, but this was different. It was love at first sight. I fell so hard ... I thought that was adorable. Then I noticed he had a wedding ring. When someone asked, he pulled out photos of his children. And -- oh, yeah -- I had a husband too. It was fun to flirt, but I knew nothing would happen ... But: Dean and I went to a bar after dinner. And we spent the night at the Cartier Place. The following day when I woke up next to Dean, I had no regrets. Something was really wrong with my marriage. Not only because I slept with this guy—though that certainly wasn't a positive sign—but because I didn't regret it."

On Breaking the News About Dean to Husband Charlie Shanian:
"I told him that I'd never been in love with him. I loved him and he'd been a friend to me, but I married him because he was a great guy, a guy who took care of me. Charlie didn't want to hear it. He kept saying, "Where's all this coming from? We have a perfect relationship." Then he turned to me. "Did you cheat on me?" I said yes. He said, "It was with Dean, wasn't it?" I said yes. He said, "I should have known."

On having plastic surgery in the 90's:
"If knew the styles were going to be the way they are now, I wouldn't have gotten my boobs done in the '90s. The clothes now wear so much better when you're smaller. In the '90s it was all about big boobs in halter tops."

On deciding to write her memoir, sTORI TELLING:
"When I started writing the book, I was pregnant with Liam and it was kind of like my life was coming full circle for me. I was so happy. I had found the man of my dreams. We were expecting our first child. It was like my life had been - in my mind - it was an emotional roller coaster to get to the point where I was at. I'd finally found complete happiness. Because of that it made me the woman I am today and I wanted to share my story at that point."

Watch the interview with Tori Spelling for People, where she mainly talks about being pregnant and how Liam is feeling about it.

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