Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rihanna Expanded Tattoo & Relationship With Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown went together to an evening party at Hotel Chelsea. Before entering, Rihanna also showed her new tattoo, a collection of stars plunging down the back of her neck and shoulder.
It’s her fifth tattoo; in fact she already has four other tattoos. This one was a match to the stars on Chris Brown’s neck… so what does that mean?? The relationship is over or maybe the relationship is expanding just like her tattoo!!
Rihanna and Chris had to be escorted to their cars by NYPD and bodyguards when they came out from Rihanna’s favorite tattoo parlors because there were a lot of fans and paparazzi waiting for them.
The two R&B singers are trying to keep their relationship secretive but…it seems to be more difficult than expected!
Remember that both Chris and Rihanna denied they were in a relationship, claiming to be totally single.“We are best friends, honestly, like brother and sister,” Rihanna told MTV News at the Kids’ Choice Awards. “I won’t say that we’re just friends — me and Chris are really best, best friends.
“He is one of the only people in the industry… I trust and hang out with all the time. If he was a boyfriend, I would say that.”
Chris, 18, said, “They keep asking me, ‘What’s the deal?’ I’m like, ‘There’s no deal. No deal.’ We’re just friends’.” And just to make sure, Chris added, “Be yourself — and see as many girls as possible!”
Yeah right!! You can run but you can’t hide!! It will come out sooner or later when they will not be able to keep their hands and months off each other by the pool!! :)

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