Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split & Fight for Suri

Last week we reported this story was going to hit magazine covers and here it is. Katie Holmes can’t take it anymore, she is a prisoner in her own home and she does everything to keep her husband happy.
Tom Cruise reportedly has a $1.3m security system installed at their $40m Los Angeles home. Tom was afraid of potential threats to his family he said “Because of his high profile, his children and his Scientology connections, Tom believes his family is vulnerable to potential kidnappers, stalkers and crazed fans.
“Katie will barely be able to move around her own home without being monitored by cameras and electrical devices.”
Friends of Katie are already concerned she doesn’t have enough freedom from the Top Gun star, who they claim, approves her friends, her trips, screens her calls, controls her spending, and decides when and who they go out with.
“At home she would often go to a bedroom of her own and spend hours there with Suri,” the friend tells Britain’s Now magazine in its latest issue. “Now she says she’ll feel as though there is no escape from Tom’s controlling ways.
“You can escape the eyes of another person by going to a different part of the house.
“But [Katie] knows she can’t escape the roving eyes of the cameras that are constantly sweeping the house.”
This is just scary, I can understand why Katie wants to end this situation and keep herself and her baby out of her creep daddy’s control ways. But it will not be easy, Tom Cruise will not give up without a fight!
Tom supposedly terrorizes Kate saying "I'm taking Suri with me if our marriage falls apart."

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