Monday, May 19, 2008

Angelina Jolie Drug Video is a Hoax!!

The scandalous video of Angelina Jolie doing drugs finally came out. The video is shocking and Angie is a little too graphic but she is not doing drugs!! She is probably a little high but there’s no shocking footage of her doing heroin.

The Tomb Raider beauty is seen wide-eyed and babbling in the seedy amateur footage – as a woman next to her casually smokes heroin. At times her eyelids are so heavy she can barely keep them open. She is also seen with dishevelled hair as she rubs her teeth.
In the video, shot in 1999 when she was 23, the actress brags about loving sado-masochistic sex – and killing her pets. She says of taking part in sex games where someone is tied down or hurt: “It’s just a cool thing.” She tells how her mouse met a tragic fate after she dyed it blue – and how a hamster and lizards also died.
The hamster got pneumonia after she took it into the shower while the lizards were left too long in the sun. Angelina continues: “My snake I had – I tried killing him.” She recalls how at 12 she was “a bad girl – beating up my friends.”

You can watch the video here!
I really hope this doesn’t come to hurt her kids or her image, cause whatever happened it’s all in the past. Angelina had already admitted she did drugs when she was an up and coming actress: “I’ve done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything. I gave them up long ago.”
Angelina should be an example, she did drugs, she got out and she is now a UN ambassador and a dedicated mother!


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Anonymous said...

You people should realize that all of us have past.
We are ALL not perfect, we have our mistakes and learn from our mistakes.
People change, which is what we should admire if one’s person change for the good.

Why dig the past of the person who has moved on and trying her best to make a difference to the world. If you are envious of her, do the same thing. Start doing good for mankind and God will also bless you with beauty, fame, power and wealth, just like what she is blessed now.

Envy & jealousy will just eat you up. Get a life and stick your nose to yourself.
If you do not like her, do not read anything about her. And stop trying to destroy people for everytime you do that, God will surely destroy you too.