Saturday, May 17, 2008

Angelina Jolie TOO Pregnant & Gorgeous

Jolie’s Kung Fu Panda co-star Jack Black let Angelina Jolie’s good news slip during an interview about the movie at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Then fellow co-star Dustin Hoffman put his foot in it by announcing the date their co-star is due to give birth – August 19.This due date was already denied and Angelina confessed she is due in some weeks. Angelina’s bump is soo big that I don’t think she would make it to August! Love it when Angelina and Jack compares bumps!!

Asked about reports she was planning to give birth in France, Angie replied that she had not completely decided, but added: "We are certainly thinking of France." But the star stopped short of revealing the gender of what will be her fifth and six children, and said: "We would like to keep that private".

She said French was a second language which her children were starting to speak "so being here is very good for them at this time". France can be the chosen location for the birth of their twins, in tribute to Angelina's French-Canadian mother Marcheline Bertrand who died last year.
Angelina is keen to embrace her French roots, and the couple is reported to have bought a chateau in the south of France, and Maddox is enrolled at a French school in the US.
The Jolie-Pitts are currently staying at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Villa Maryland in St Jean Cap Ferrat in the south of France while in town for the festival. And have been enjoying quality time with their children in between work duties.

The kids are also having fun with their mommy’s pregnancy, Angelina says “The kids are excited and they are starting to understand about me being pregnant. We’ve had it before with Shiloh so they know what’s going on.
“Zahara pretends she’s pregnant too and says she has an animal in her tummy. She says the piggy is making her eat all the chocolate brownies! And Pax says he’s got a baby monkey inside him! So it’s really fun in our house at the moment.”
Cute!! Anyone wanna make bets on Angelina’s due date?? I say she is giving birth in early June.

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MovieWatcher said...

I love the belly comparing pictures too. They're having fun with it.

Tahn said...

She is gorgeous. Blooming! :) Are we seeing girls? :)

Michelle said...

haha the part where they r standing belly to belly is so cute!! i hope its a boy...they already have shiloh...mebbe brad pitt and anjelina genes will make him HOT!!!