Friday, May 9, 2008

Britney Spears ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Return (New Photos & Video)

Britney Spears appeared on the March 24 episode, playing a bubbly, sweet, receptionist at a dermatologist’s office who fell for one of the show’s main characters, played by Josh Radnor. She received wide accolades for the spot.“The show is ecstatic and so is Britney,” a source says “She had so much fun the first time around she really wanted to come back. It was a mutual decision to work together more.”

However, How I Met Your Mother star — Neil Patrick Harris — recently said the CBS sitcom “does not need stunt casting [like Britney Spears] in order to succeed”, adding, “I worry that if they start ‘Will and Grace’-ing us too much, that the show will suffer.

“And we’re all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game,” he said. “It’s the network and the studio’s game, you know. It’s the promotion department’s game.”
Britney has been the most high-profile celebrity guest to visit the set, following past appearances by Mandy Moore, Enrique Iglesias and Heidi Klum.
Spears’ cameo created so much buzz that 10.6 million viewers tuned into watch the episode, roughly 2-million more than the sitcom averages per showing. And Brit will be back on our screens this next Monday, May 12!!


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