Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Celebrities Pay Tribute to Tom Cruise’s 25 Years in Movies

Celebrating 25-years in Hollywood, Tom Cruise sat down for the second part of his interview with Oprah Winfrey and launched his official website at
With a little help from friends and costars, the Hollywood star recounted his career.On making Risky Business: "I was always trying to enjoy every moment that I could because I thought, 'If this is the last film I get to make, then at least I lived that dream.' . . . I had no idea that I'd be here 25 years later doing this."

Victoria Beckham on Tom: "One of our first dates, we went to the movies to see Jerry Maguire, and I wore glasses . . .It was first time David kissed me, and he completely steamed up my glasses. When we got to know Tom, we told him the story of how it was one of our first dates, and he sent us the jacket that he wore in one of the scenes, and he signed it . . . And David hasn't taken the jacket off since. I make him wear it."

Will Smith on Tom: "Every man can't just slide in a room nekkid with sunglasses on and pull it off . . . So I knew at that point . . . he's a star . . . I've met very few people who have made that commitment that when they leave this place, they want the world to be better, period, because they were here. And this dude has made that. There's not a single piece of press, there's not been a single interview, there's not been a single image in the 25 years of his career that gets anywhere near capturing who he is. Well, Tom, man, congratulations. We've got nothing but love for you, T.C."

Steven Spielberg on Tom: "Tom compels the audience to listen to what he says. They listen when he says a line of dialogue or even when he's being silent. He's a magnet for our attention . . . To have [the opportunity to work with Tom twice] really meant a great deal to me, and I love him and his family, and they mean a lot to me."

Jada on Tom: "To me, nothing that he's done professionally holds a candle to who he is as a human being. And that's real."

On making Top Gun: "I don't know why I wasn't offered musicals after that . . . I always wanted to be a pilot. [As a kid,] I used to travel with two pictures when we moved around. I had a picture of a P-51 and a Spitfire. And I used to make models all the time of airplanes."

Renee Zellweger on the day they filmed "You Complete Me": "I don't know what he was thinking about when he came through that door, but he was a wreck," she said. "He brought something with him that day . . . He was born with some magic about him, and you can't describe it, and you can't dissect what makes Tom Cruise special."

On making Mission: Impossible: "I really wanted to give the audience a thrill," Tom says. "We spent four days doing that scene, and I was on the mountain with just a thin wire kind of holding me as we were doing it. It was really exciting."

Jamie Foxx on Tom: "Mr. Cruise was so gracious it changed my life as far as my acting career goes . . . Born on the Fourth of July, to me, was where he is an actor. It was a departure from his movie star,. You saw how wide his acting muscle was and he reached, in that movie, Oscar-worthy, everything-worthy . . . 25 years? Why don't you give me some of those magic beans you taking, man, because you look like you're about 25 yourself!"

On why he loves making movies: "You know that you never do anything alone and you're all together and you're all going through this experience and you're going away from your families. I feel privileged to be able to do what I do, and I need everyone's help."

On who else he wants to work with: "There's [Al] Pacino. [Robert] DeNiro. That's really just to name a few. There's so many that I really want to work with, and that I want to work with again."

Tom on his career: "I just feel really privileged to be able to do what I do, and I thank you all for allowing me to entertain you . . . I feel that this is what I'm supposed to do . . . I love it."

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Here we seee our fearless leader saving the world

Anonymous said...

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Oprah's recommendation was enough for me. I read My Stroke of Insight and I loved it too. This story is as inspiring as The Last Lecture or Tuesdays with Morrie - and even better, it has a Happy Ending!

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