Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Secrets & Other Confessions

Christina Aguilera has revealed she lost three stone in four months since giving birth to her first baby, Max (born January, 12) . And it was easy to accomplish that… doing 90-minute workout sessions five days a week and keeping off white bread. :)On the other hand Christina continues to be fascinated by her post pregnancy boobs: "It's kind of hilarious! I've never fit into an E-cup before. I look at my husband [Jordan Bratman] and go, 'Guess what size this bra is?' And when I tell him, he's just amazed. We keep the tags that prove it, to look back for memory's sake!"
You heard the lady!! She is an E-cup!! OMG I bet that’s not comfortable to sleep in… I bet little hubby is loving it too! Better love it while you can, once breastfeeding is over no more E-cups!!
Christina also confesses to have a sweet tooth: "Oh, my God, candy! I had a huge craving for candy toward the end of the pregnancy, from Starbursts to Skittles. I actually took a picture of myself with my big belly in a little lingerie top, surrounded by bowls of the candy I like."
Now we really wanna see that picture!!

Source US Magazine, 2

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