Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miley Cyrus’ Secret Message to Ex Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers)

Naughty Miley Cyrus is behaving badly again!! Apparently she is using the lyrics of her new album, Breakout, which is due to be released on July 22, to send message to her ex-lover, Nick Jonas.According to reports the pop starlet reveals all about a former boyfriend’s "shortcomings" on the first single, "7 Things," Miley sings: "You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure / You love me, you like her / You make me laugh, you make me cry.”
Yeah that is as cheesy as it sounds!! Nick, you better watch out! Miley might make some dirty revelations… at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if these secrets involves sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!
The passionate lyrics appear to be directed at Nick, of the Jonas Brothers, whom Miley dated last year. Is it really about Nick, or someone else?
The report notes that Miley’s memories aren’t all bad of her short stint with Nick. According to the song, the mystery guy won her heart: “And the seventh thing I hate the most that you do / You make me love you.” Miley and Nick reportedly broke up last December because he was upset that she made their romance public by kissing him onstage.

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Anonymous said...

You are all very paranoid! get a life like honestly what proof is there! she probably wrote it before anything even started! Its a song! It dosnt mean anything!

amanda f said...

this is deffinitly about nick. as soon as this song came out my friends and i analysed the words and its sooo obvious that its abotu nick.
the big clue droppers in the song is when desperate miley cyrus says:

"when i think about the previous relationship we shared." <-- uhm yea they just ended their call that a previous relationship.

"your vain, your games, your insecure. you love me you like her."<---thats totally nick. nick jonas even admits he is shy and insecure. and also he has been hanging around with salena gomez alot. shes in an eposiode of living the dream and she's in the jonas brothers new music video playing nicks love affair. and its been reported that miley doesn't like selena or demi lovato. (just watch those mean youtube videos miley made with her best friend mandy about them.)

"but what i need to hear now is your sensire apology. if you text it i'll delete it." <--- yea nick has quotes in magizines saying he loves to text. and prefers texting over phone calls and IMs.

"the 7 things things i like about you. your hair. your eyes. your old levis." <--- yea all everyone ever talks about is nick's hair and eyes. its like his trade mark. and also nick does wear levis (its a type of jeans)

this song is deffinitly about nick and seeing as though nick is writing a song called "sorry" to miley cyrus which he allready said was about dedicated to her. how much do you all wanna bet they'll be back together shortly after "sorry" comes out. if so then that proves that "7 things" is/was abotu nick jonas; writting a song for someone called sorry seems like a "sensire apology" to me.

Madison said...

this song IS about nick.
first of all, nick admitted that it was.
second of all, if you watch the video,
she is wearing a dog tag that she constantly holds and kisses.
nick has diabetes and wears dog tags for that reason.
also, in the video, miley holds up a picture right to the camera.
i paused the video right at that part, and,
even though the boy's face is covered with something white,
you can tell it is definitely nick (his hair is the giveaway haha).
plus, i've definitely seen that picture, without the white block out, around the internet.

Anonymous said...

actually,its not exactly about Nick...some is....this song is actually about Miley's crushes and previous relationships..( Cody, Nick)
1."You're vain" is about Zac Efron...he takes too long to get ready!

2."You're games" is about Orlando Bloom he used to hav a crush on..he's a player she said.

3."You're insecure" is about Nick..they split because he was too shy to go public with their love.

4."You love me u like her" is about Cody...she said she liked him then he denied her for his GF then when she got over it he started to like..boys can't make up their minds.

5."You made me laugh u made me cry" is about Nick...b4 they dated Nick knew Miley better than anyone..they were close and it made it hard for her to get over him.

6."You're friends they're jerks" is to 1 of her crushes when she saw pics of him and his friends flirting with other girls she was done with him!

7."You make me love you" means no matter how much flaws a guy has it is always hard for her to let a crush go.

and that tag she has is her hypoglycemia tag.

and the 7 things that she ALL about Nick she told Twist magazine.

Hope I helped came straight from Miley I swear. love tiks

Anonymous said...

nick needs to frget that miley ever wrote 2 songs about him!!! NOT! nick needs to now miley did that on the other side of her being stuiped and not realizing!Oh hay you r a dumb person that miley still loves you and dreams about you!! why don't you write a song about how you feel torwds her and you also so you can tell al your fans that you still love her but don't like what she did!!!?