Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Katie Holmes Heads To Broadway But Can’t Get Rid Of Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is set to make her Broadway debut in a remake of the classic Arthur Miller play All My Sons, a rep for the production has confirmed.
Producer Eric Falkenstein insisted that the mother of one would be perfect for the part of Ann Deever in the Tony-winning drama.
He said, “Katie is very well suited for the role of Ann. There is an additional layer of soul to Ann, and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”Eric also feels that Katie’s superstar status won’t overshadow her talent as an actress. “Despite being in the spotlight and her celebrity status, the fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances,” he added. “I think Katie is a tremendous actor. Whenever she decides to come to the stage, she’ll be terrific.”
But don’t think Katie will get rid of her husband’s influence in her life. Tom Cruise is reportedly always making plans to move to NY. “Tom has now informed everyone that they’re all going to New York City for six months by the fall,” Star magazine quotes a source as saying. “He’s already hired a new chef to go with them.”
Katie’s friend adds, “She’s so smothered. Katie can’t be alone to do anything she wants to do. I think it’s a cold, hard truth: She’s trapped, and she can’t get away from Tom!”
Reps for the couple have previously denied there was problems between the pair, insisting, “They are happily together” and that rumors of their split were “completely false and irresponsible reporting.”
Anyway All My Sons will debut on Broadway in October, with previews in September. John Lithgow, Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest are also lined-up to star in the production.

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Tanya said...

Why must people be so jealous? If my husband was going away for 6 months and I had to opportunity yo go with him, of course I would take it. Are people angry because they won't be able to make up stories about what she is up to while away? Why be apart if they don't have to be? Geez, people are warped.